RSS in otsego county

RSS has been an active and committed community partner and service provider in the City of Oneonta and Otsego County for more than 30 years. Read more about our initiatives below.

Oneonta Bagel Company – Established in 1989, the Oneonta Bagel Company, an RSS affirmative business, is a community-based small business program designed to train and employ individuals who are challenged by competitive employment factors due to their mental illness. Trainees are 18 years and older, with an unsuccessful employment history who are striving to enter the workforce. Ongoing support while working is provided for the trainees. Supports include vocational and functional skill assessments, provision of educational and career information, employment guidance and aid in adjusting to a work environment. Trainees take part in the overall operation of OBC, from ordering to cooking to customer service. The goal of OBC is threefold: to provide a supportive yet realistic work setting; to provide transitional and vocational counseling; and to operate a successful business.

Supported Employment – Established in 1995, Supported Employment assists individuals to secure competitive employment in jobs best suited to their abilities and preferences. Ongoing staff and informal supports are available to help with job retention. Supported employment may include ACCESS–VR funded intensive services consisting of job development, placement, situational assessment, job coaching, and OMH-funded extended services.

Health Home Care Management – Established in 2014, the Otsego Adult Care Management Program provides services for individuals in the community suffering from mental illness and/or multiple chronic medical conditions. The program operation is a collaboration of RSS and Bassett Health Home. The care manager assists consumers in linkage to community and other service providers to address their identified service and recovery needs. Program consumers and care managers utilize individualized care plan goals and objectives to address identified services and recovery needs. Utilization of community resources is emphasized in the care planning process. The care manager meets with consumers and/or collaterals a minimum of one time per month or as often as needed. The care manager/program coordinator is available 24 hours a day “on call.” 

Crisis Warm Line – Established in 1999 and expanded to a more regional approach in 2016, the Otsego County Warm Line is a peer operated community support providing confidential telephone peer contact. The program is unique as it operates on weekday evenings, and late afternoon/evenings on the weekends. The Warm Line provides a listening ear, useful information regarding community services, and outreach services via pre-arranged call times.  

Community Education Project – Established in 1997, the Community Education Project provides educational opportunities and information distribution to various community programs and the general community regarding mental illness. The program annually updates, produces and distributes the Community Guide to Mental Health Services in Otsego County and is also available online.  The program maintains a public lending library of mental health books, videos, training materials and other relevant mental health information.

MountainView Social Club – Established in 1988, the MountainView Social Club/Wellness Center is based on the principles of psychiatric rehabilitation, provision of recovery-oriented services, and peer support. The program provides staff and peer assistance to consumer members through an ongoing variety of member-chosen groups, workshops and guest speaker presentations.  There are also educational workshops regarding housing, vocational, financial and other subjects.

Otsego County Nightlife – Nightlife is an enhancement of the MountainView Social Club. The program is peer run by consumer trainees with the support and availability of program staff. The program priority is recreational activities that are determined by the members. Nightlife operates on nights and weekends.

Otsego Supported Housing – Established in 1992, the Otsego Supported Housing program provides financial support through rental stipends and case management services for mentally ill individuals who live independently in the community. The program also provides crisis-housing services when these individuals become homeless or housing-vulnerable. The program works in conjunction with the Otsego County SPOA Committee and Department of Social Services, discharge-planning staff at both Bassett and Fox Hospitals, and with other agencies affiliated with the Otsego Housing Council. Supported housing services include the Treatment Apartment Program, an 8-bed scattered site facility that assists recipients of mental health services in furthering their recovery and successfully integrating into their community. 

Elm Street Community Residence – Established in 1987, the Elm Street Community Residence is an 8-bed, 24-hour-per-day staffed facility that assists recipients of mental health services in furthering their recovery and successful integrating into their community. The program assists each consumer in evaluating and understanding their strengths, priorities, needs, skills, preferences, abilities and barriers in development of his or her person-centered services planning. Each consumer has a primary service plan goal of transitioning to a more independent level of care and community living environment.